Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sport Day

our best team

can see our fun coach?haha

haha...all so siao...xD

Realy was a happy day...
even we all were trouble,but we all were very enjoy our activities...xD
Our teamwork was damn good la...haha
Firstly,we wrong way in the jungle
we come and go about 4 times
damn the stupid...misunderstand our misson becouse the rites way never walk b4
all scare scare...haha
but finally we all also complete the mission tat our coach given
Even all is tired but we ald enjoy the teamwork and teamcare
Although we did get any prize
but we learn many teamwork and soul...
our teammate name
Gek Seng,Huang Chieh,Yew Pei,Simon,Rui Ying,Su Ling,Haur Sheng,Pui Yeng and Kang Iak
include me lo...haha